Escorts take their professions very seriously just like others. Clients hire the services of hot and sizzling escorts for long intercourse sessions, for fulfilling their sexual and wild desires. They are paid for drinks, dinner, companionship, even for assisting during trips. However, there are a number of people who want these ladies to play a specific role which will entice them. These actions are also referred to as the sexual task play. The sexual task plays are known for involving different powerful and erotic elements. In these roles, a person may act in different roles with the sexual fantasy. This function similar to the foreplay. It is also beneficial in arousing the individual sexually.

Some of the popular characters played by independent female escorts include

Executive Fetishism

In such type of scenario, one individual will be taking the position of executive or corporate business person, whereas the other partner will become the secretary. Men enjoy this idea of a boss and the secretary. At times, man choose to play the role of secretary. However, it only happens if he is willing to be submissive. In such roles, the dress code is primarily nylon stockings. If you are looking for real fun, you can try them with female escorts in Mumbai.

Patient/ Doctor / Nurse

In such type of scenarios, the partakers will be playing the roles of doctor, nurse or a patient. This is referred to as the medical fetishism. The participants require wearing the right uniforms for different roles they are going to play. Most of the time, these hot and sizzling girls will be acting as the patient whereas the client will be counted as the nurse or doctor. The female escort will be receiving the commands from her client.

Prison fetish

Such type of situation is played inside the prison environment. As real-life jails are considered to be communities of the similar gender, the prison fetish is borrowed by a man on man or woman on woman settings. However, opposite sex play can also take play where there is involvement of guard and an inmate. At times, the settings are comprised of co-ed facility or institution. Here, you will be incorporating the female escorts in Mumbai. We need to ensure that you will be enjoying every bit of it. This play can also be accomplished as the extension of the other plan, referred to as the uniform fetish. here, the uniforms of guards, inmates or staffs are used. Female escorts should stand out of the ordinary among the best. This is due to the fact that they are equipped with the prerequisite skills of keeping the clients entertained throughout the whole way.

Age play

Here the clients treat the hot and sizzling escorts in a such a way as if they belong to varied age groups. This practice is known to be regressive where the ultimate objective is experiencing the fantasy. At times, they do it with an eye to forming a sexual affiliation with individuals of the right age and makeup.

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